Freedom App- Get All In App Purchases

Today Android has become a platform towards which people are getting more and more attracted. It’s just because of the quality which they are offering today it has millions of users and more than that the apps which are introduced by this platform are just amazing.

But one thing I must say is that some apps in this platform are paid so to use them we have to purchase them and doing so can be dangerous most people think. If you think like this and do not want to give your credit as well as debit card details to play store than this article is only and only for you.

Now, you guys think that what we have which will help you to get those paid apps for free right? So let me tell you that a company has given us a very amazing app which will help us to get those apps for free which is known as Freedom.

How this app works?

You may also be thinking that how this app will give you those apps for free, then don’t worry it’s a hack app which is used to purchase as many apps you want. What you have to do is just complete few tasks as you have to fill out a survey or download an app for this you will get points which you can use to purchase apps which are paid.  So guys the time has gone in which you have to disclose your bank details in order purchase any app. But one of the main things is that this app will only work on those devices which are rooted.

It was a Russian company who introduced this app. Like this if you have remembered one app also got launched but due to some reasons that app got blocked but today with this freedom app you can use it to hack any app for freedom. But if you belong to these countries like the United States, Canada-EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Island and some more countries than you can’t be able to use it because of some reasons.

How to use Freedom App to paid in-app purchases for free?

The First thing which you have to do is to download freedom apk.

After download, you need to install this app but to install you need to verify installation from unknown sources firstly.

After that, you need to allow this app by giving root access using superuser.

Now just download and install the app which you want to hack.

When app finishes installation process, just run your hack app which is freedom.

You have to click on the “Start” option to start the hack of this app.

 You’ll get the list of apps which you can hack using Freedom app for getting paid in-app purchases for free.

You have to start the apps inside the app, now you can buy anything in the app to get the paid purchases for free.

Freedom is helpful for all those who just want to use a lot of app on their device, but they can’t do so because some apps need payment but after this, you can use those apps also.

How to root android with Framaroot ?

Rooting is a process which unlocks the operating system restrictions in your device and grants your full authorization in your device. Once you root your device, you can unlock different hidden features and also you can un- install the default application which is not required for you. You can also update the ROM version.

These are some advantages of rooting your device but there are also some disadvantages of rooting. For example, the warranty of your devices will be voided and your devices can be easily affected by viruses and worms and Trojans. Besides, there are many advantages and disadvantages of rooting, so before rooting your device make sure you are aware of all the drawbacks and positives sides of rooting.

There are different rooting applications available on the internet. Some of the examples of rooting apps are Vroot software, Kingoapp Root software, SRSRoot Software, Framaroot app,Kingsroot and more. You can use any of this software or any other software which is available on the internet.

Below are the steps to root your device with the most popular rooting software Framaroot. But before you root your device, know that your warranty will be expired and besides make sure you are aware of all the drawbacks of rooting.

Steps for rooting the device with framaroot app

  1. At first download this software on your pc or mobile through your browser. As this app is not available in android market place.
  2. You can download this framaroot app from this link
  3. Once you finished downloading the apps, install it in your device
  4. Once you finished installing this app on your mobile devices, you can proceed for rooting your device.
  5. Launch your app first.
  6. After that select install Super SU from the dropdown menu which will appear on your screen once you open the app
  7. There are 3 different exploit options available for you. They are Sam, Frodo and Aragorn. Choose the appropriate options for you and proceed.
  8. After that, your rooting process will begin. Keep your mobile on the side and wait for the rooting to complete. You don’t have to perform any operation in the middle. This app will automatically root your device all by itself. It will not take much time.
  9. And after the rooting is completed, you have to reboot once to take effect. And after you restart you are done with rooting your device. And now you will get extra permission for installing various software which is not allowed before rooting.

Framaroot can root most of the android OS devices. However, there are few problems faced by the users while rooting. Some of the devices are not properly rooted. To know the list of the devices which Framaroot can root, you can go to this link and check whether your device is on the list. If your device is in the list you can easily use this software and root your device with a single touch.

Mp3 skull review and download for free

Mp3skull is a website that gives direct download links to songs files located on third party sites. This site is controversial for helping users to find unauthorized copies of copyrighted songs and music. Mp3 skull was founded in 2010.

It was among Alexa’s  top 500 websites in 2013, it drop in ranking because of Google algorithm update that effected sites considered to be promoting piracy. The site’s domain name was changed to from in early 2015 because RIAA requests 1,769,414 URLs on to remove as of February 9 2016.

mp3 skull has also released mp3 skill music download apps for smart phone. And its feature is:

Fast search result music.

The user will be presented with a huge number of songs once they type the music name. Finding music is very fast by the use of this app.

Fast download music.

Music can be downloaded very easily and fast as user need follow few steps.

Simple UI.

This app has very easy and simple UI with search box where user type the name of song they want to download.

Listen music directly from apps.

The user can listen to the song directly from mp3skull apps directly from the site without download.

Playlist your music download.

The user can create playlist their music which is to download.

Play mp3 before download.

The user can play the music before download either it is the music you want to download from the site.

Mp3 is a music player and downloader that are based on online. This site has huge collection of songs and has powerful song search. You simply type in certain song in the search box to find the song you want and a list of music will be presented after clicking search. And you can click on which link you want to open. Mp3 skill has huge number of user as user can Download, play, embed to your blog or sites and send ringtone feature to other.  It is good for saving money as this site do not charge any money for their user as they listen and download music.

The music can be download from mp3skull by using following step:

  1. First, open browser from internet connected computer.
  2. Then type on your browser which will open the official website of Google an search engine site.
  3. Then type mp3 skull on Google and enter  that will present different list then click on official website of the mp3skull. i.e.
  4. In ,type the song you want to download in search box and click on search which will open new web page that present list of song along with Album and Artist .
  5. After that click on song you want to download that will bring you to new webpage where there are the list such as Download in low Quality, Download in high quality which is highlighted by blue color.
  6. Then click of download in which Quality you want to download. Then selected where you want to place the file and click on save.



DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET is commonly occurring error. You confronted this error while accessing the sites on the Google Chrome browser. You shall see the following message “THE WEBPAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE” along with this error. This error may be caused of many reasons but there are not any specific reasons behind this. If you are the one who are facing this error then here we are with few solutions which will assist you in fixing this error.

Why does this happen?

This error is related to the internet. It may be caused owing many reasons:

  • Invalid firewall settings
  • DNS server issues
  • Owing faulty internet connection
  • Corrupt Winsock settings



  • Flush DNS cache & Renew your IP


STEP – 1: First choose the window key and type CMD

STEP – 2: do the right click on the CMD prompt and choose RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR

STEP – 3: now type the following command in netsh Winsock reset

STEP – 4: hit enter button

STEP – 5: now try to browse the internet but if the issue persists the proceed to best step

STEP – 6: again in CMD prompt type next command and again press enter

STEP – 7: check again for internet connection


  • Reset Windows Socket Settings


In this state error occurs with internet connection but it does not show any packet transfer. This mainly caused owing corrupt Winsock settings. Use the following steps to reset window socket settings:

  • Open the CMD prompt first
  • Do the right clicks on CMD prompt and choose run as administrator.
  • Now type the following command in CMD prompt

netsh int ip set dns
netsh winsock reset


  • It will reset windows socket of your TCP/IP stack.
  • Now restart your PC and the error should be fixed.



  • Change your DNS server


This method is utilized to resolve a wide variety of DNS related errors. Here are the following steps for this:

  • Open the run dialogue box and type ncpa.cpl
  • Hit enter button
  • Do right click on the network and choose the property option
  • Under networking tab, you shall see the following lists in “THIS CONNECTION USES THE FOLLOWING ITEMS”:
  • Just click on TCP/IPV4
  • Now click on properties then a new box will pop up
  • Under the general tab just choose the USE THE FOLLOWING DNS SERVER ADDRESSES
  • Set Preferred DNS Server to
  • Set Alternate DNS Server to 
  • Afterward, check out the browser to see whether the issue is resolved or still remain.



  • Clear your Browser Cache


If you visit the site first time then the browser stores some of the data for future reference and this is called caching. And this cached data may cause an error in loading site sometime. So it is recommended to clear the cache.

  • Open chrome browser & press ctrl+ H
  • Then it will open the history of browser
  • Now click on the option CLEAR BROWSING DATA
  • Then all your data will be removed in history



  • Uninstall recently installed softwares


If you have installed any files or softwares in your PC which uses the internet then you need to uninstall it. It is being perceived one of the reasons for causing DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET error. After uninstalling the program checks out the error existence. If still, it exists then you may installed the program again.  


5 Features of Aptoide Marketplace

Aptoide market place is one of the popular application stores where you can download different application for android mobile phones. Aptoide market place can be good and perfect alternatives of Google Apps Store as it contains all the application that is available in the Google Play Store and also it has some of the software that we cannot find in Google Play Store and other store.

Aptoide’s popularity is growing more and more due to its advanced feature that we cannot find in other application stores. Some of the features of Aptoide Stores are:

Features of Aptoide

One of the biggest apps store for android mobiles

Aptoide has a large number of applications in the store. You can find almost all the latest games and applications for your android device. You can download the applications which you cannot find in other application stores. It contains the applications which have been deleted from the store. Here we can find not only the latest applications and games but also old application and games too.

We can also download the old versions of the games and applications. So if our mobile does not support the latest games and applications, we can download the older version of the application and games for our mobile sets.

Notifications for updates of games and applications

We can see updates available for all most all games and applications constantly. So whenever the updates are available for the games and applications installed aptoide notifies the users about the updates. Updated keeps the games and application more smooth and more advanced so we need to update for better performance and aptoide are always there to notify the user whenever new updates are available.

Download manager

Aptoide offers and advanced download features which helps its users to easily manage the download in their devices. You can see the speed of any files or applications or games being downloaded and see the progress of the download. This application will show you the percentage of file being downloaded and required time of downloading the whole apps and games as per the speed of your internet connection.

Effective search engine

In most of the app store, if you search for any particular applications and games, you will find many different applications and games displayed in search results. It is because those search displays all the results which matches with the words or letters with other application. And sometimes, those app stores also display the fake applications with similar name. By which the user get confused about the official app but in aptoide, you will not see such fake applications as the applications are tested.

Users can create their own app store

Aptoide offers its user unique feature that is, the user can create his own private store. In the store, they can upload the games and applications from their mobile sets and enable other to download the games and applications from their app store. They can also download the games and apps from others’ app store.

A Complete Guide to Google Gravity Tips & Tricks

Who does not know about Google? Of course everyone does but everyone may not know about something like Google gravity. I myself heard about this term recently and, then thought of sharing it with you all as, it is always a fun to know something about largest search engine.

Google has become the leading engine worldwide because of which it always try to give some source of entertainment to its surfers. If you will search or Google tricks then you will get a list of it, some games, brain teasers and many more that will keep you engaged with Google. This shows how much Google value its customers and that is why it always comes with new-new ways to entertain you when you get bored. Anti Gravity google is one such awesome trick.

In all the entertainment tips and tricks Google Gravity stands first because it does not require you to use your brains and you can simple enjoy it as it goes. Google gravity as the term suggest in itself, something which is a combination of Google and gravity.

Google is the leading search engine and gravity is pull that keeps us intact to the surface. After combining both the words, it goes something like, a search engine which is facing a gravitational pull leading to undefined flow of information. Google and Google Gravity will take you to the desired information i.e. the information for which you searched will not be different but the way in which they are aligned will surely be different.


It is not like Google has started using these tricks recently; instead it has always tried to entertain its customers even when the server is down so that no one can feel bored. As more and more people are getting aware of hidden but still not hidden services by Google, Google Gravity tips and tricks has become one amongst the popularly searched keywords. If you are bored from searching continuously then add these Google Gravity tips and tricks in your search and the same boring work will become entertaining.

There are many kinds of Google Gravity tips and tricks which are great entertaining stuff for example, zero gravity Google, in this nothing will be at ground i.e. complete content, images, and whatever that is present on page will keep on floating like what happens when you move into space or zero gravity area.

Similar to the one above, there are many other Google Gravity tips and tricks and all you need to know about them is the search. Google Gravity makes the boring search work an interesting one because when the stuff like this appears then you started to play with them. This helps in completing the search work while playing, so isn’t it a great option to go with? Of course it is and that is why I have also included this into my work and you can also do this. It is really a great fun and it worth trying if you are looking for something that can make your work interesting.

5 google chrome tricks you must know!

Here are 5 awesome google chrome tips and tricks every user must know. Thus we bring you the best collection among it.

  1. Install extensions.

So basically, google chrome extensions are browser extensions that modify the google chrome browser. And these extensions are written using web technologies like HTML, Java script and CSS mostly. And they can be downloaded from the Chrome store.
So these extensions mostly serves upon the service you choose.

Some of the popular extensions and its purposes:

Adblock plus: This extension is a very popular extension which is downloaded by 50+ million chrome users. The main purpose of this extension is to block all types of ads that you come across and even the YouTube video ads.

Download here: Adblock plus

ZenMate Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN: Proxy is used by everyone almost. Basically proxy allows you to visit websites that are blocked in you country. People preferable use extensions rather than visiting the proxy website everytime. And it serves the purpose too. This is one of the best extension available in the chrome web store as of now.

  1. Make use of the Omnibox

An omnibox is similar to the traditional browser address bar or to put it simple, its the place where you enter the URL’s or the website. In chrome browser, it’s traditionally called as the omnibox.

Wondering whats cool in this?

This omnibox can do more than what you actually think of. This can be the alternative of your calculator. Simply enter the equation or addition or subtraction or what so ever, you’ll get the results.
If you’re logged in with your with the same account you used for your android phone, you can add events to your google calendar through the omnibox.
What more, you can even send email, set a timer, set an alarm and more!!

  1. Use the autofill feature

Why type everything when you can get them automatically when the certain name or phone number is entered in more than two websites. But this has to be activated. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the “Wrench” or “Menu” icon in the top right corner.
  2. Click “Settings
  3. At the bottom, you can find Show advanced settings.
  4. Click Manage autofill settings and there you can find the set of boxes where you need to enter the data.
  5. Once you’re done, you are good to go. Type a name in the name bar and there will be a notification if it can be filled.
  1. Resize text boxes

Chrome gives the ability to resize any text field which is useful for when you’re filling a form that doesn’t seem big enough to enter the data you wanted to. This looks like a rectangular box where you can find two small lines in the corner of the box.


  1. Know your keyboard shortcuts

Like any good browser, chrome has dozens of shortcuts if you feel lazy to use your keyboard. And this saves your time and helps to improve your productivity. Below is some frequently used and favorite shortcut of all time:

Ctrl + T : Open a new tab.
Ctrl + K:  Move the cursor to the search bar or omnibox as we saw what it is above.
Ctrl + J:  Open the downloads.
Ctrl + H: Show history.
Ctrl + 9: Switch to last tab you used.
Ctrl + 1 to 8: This will switch to the number corresponding you enter. For example you have opened 8 tabs. If you press Ctrl + 2 it’ll go to the second tab. And accordingly.

6. Solve Errors Related to Chrome

Google chrome comes with too many errors such as the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b which once solved make Google Chrome run even faster.